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Natasha Holek

When initially joining Osborne Appointments, I immediately experienced a fresh approach to recruitment that I hadn’t had before, coming from a Blue Chip/High Street Agency. Osborne’s values were very apparent and are still the core focus of life in OA today. Returning from a long period of maternity leave can be a difficult experience however I was helped to quickly ease myself back into the craziness that is the world of a typical day in recruitment.

Through recognition of my hard work and commitment to the business, I was given the opportunity to progress my career and quickly became Team Leader of the busy Industrial Division. I was supported fully by senior management and offered NVQs to support my development along the way. From here on, the OA academy and my manager Laura pushed me to achieve the very best that I could and believed in my capabilities to become Operations Manager of the biggest branch in the business. I have now grown the branch further to ensure we are consistently over achieving our targets and lead a very successful team of Industrial and Commercial Consultants.

The people at Osborne are truly what makes working here so amazing. We work hard, we play hard and we are rewarded for our efforts. I honestly wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Natasha’s Journey


Joined Osborne Appointments


Achieved REC qualification

2008 - 2012



Industrial Consultant Welwyn GC


Achieved Team Leader NVQ


Promoted to Industrial Team Leader


Promoted to Assistant Manager


Achieved Management Diploma Certification


Promoted to Operations Manager


Awarded OA Employee of the Year for 2017